Monkeypod tidies up a well-trodden problem

Ah, the understairs cupboard. That little cavern in which we nonchantly throw everything in the blind hope we'll find it again. Whether it's Christmas decorations, walking boots, or even boy wizards, there is always a scary mess waiting whenever you open the door.

Do not fear for Monkeypod have the answer! With our stylish under-stairs storage system, we can turn a cluttered mess into a beautifully organised space where everything is at hand!

Monkeypod goes Baltic!

Monkeypod have recently added the beautiful and practical Baltic Birch plywood to the list of timbers we work with. This attractive and versatile ply is incredibly strong and robust, and surprisingly affordable. Monkeypod also offer a CNC milling service to ensure that all components are precision cut and a perfect fit. We can also cut curves, circles and any shape you wish - the only limit is your imagination!

This trolley is an example of the level of accuracy and finish that can be achieved from CNC cut birch ply from Monkeypod.

Welcome to our brand new website

Monkeypod are pleased to announce the launch of their brand new website! Many many thanks to Tim at Cyberpress ( for all his efforts - I think you'll agree that he has done a tremendous job!